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  • What Kind of Men Do Rich Girls Prefer to Date?

    Posted May 29, 2016

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    About 20 years ago, there was absolutely no way an ordinary person could connect with or date a wealthy woman. However, with the inception of millionaire dating sites, discovering an eligible bachelorette is now easier than ever before. This is why dating sites for the wealthy have become so popular over the years. However, this doesn't mean dating a wealthy woman is a walk in the park. You'd have to be very careful as you go about it because rich girls are very selective about the kind of people they wish to associate with. In this article, we highlight a few qualities that women expect in their men.

    Good looking: You might have come across a lot of women who say they prefer a good heart over an attractive face. However, according to a survey conducted by an independent agency, 57 percent of women earning over $250,000, preferred dating an attractive man to an unattractive one. It is worth mentioning that a majority of these women don't prefer men with athletic bodies – an attractive face and fit body were the preferred choices of most women who participated in the survey.

    Honest and generous: If you think a man is characterized by his aggression and arrogance, you're wrong. Gone are the days when men were supposed to fight it out in the war field. The modern woman prefers to date a man who is honest and generous. She expects him to exhibit empathy and not be self – obsessed. This is particularly why rich women repel narcissists and arrogant men. It is also worth noting that rich women aren't necessarily looking out for wealthy men.

    A man who supports her: Despite having an impeccable sense of decision making, she often depends on her partner while making critical life decisions. This is why she expects her man to be intellectual and not just nod to whatever she says. If your strategy to attracting rich women is to agree to everything that she says, you're walking along the wrong path. It would be wise to give a healthy contribution whenever she approaches you.

    Someone who has a great work – life balance: One of the many reasons rich women avoid dating a businessperson is their lifestyle. Wealthy individuals are known to be busy and obsessed with work. She wants her man to spend quality time with her and the kids. On the other hand, she doesn't care if you earn significantly lesser than her. At the end of the day, it comes down to how much you love her and the quality time you spend together.

    Give Her Gifts

    Women always want gifts but when you date rich women, you do not have to give her a signature bag or shoes if she's used to it. Instead, give her something unique. Find something that she's never had. Or, you can make her a gift to make it more personalized. Always bear in mind that it's always true that it's the thought that comes with the gift that counts.

    It is therefore evident that rich girls aren't looking for a partner who matches her on the financial scale. If you have all the qualities above, you'd prove to be the perfect candidate.