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  • Tips For Dating A Rich Female Doctor

    Posted Feb 19, 2016

    rich female doctor

    When surveyed female physicians in their 30's expressed their frustrations with finding a man to date. Men tend to feel intimidated by her success and by the fact that she makes a lot of money. In many cases, a female doctor in that age range will make well over one hundred thousand dollars a year. Unless the man is also a doctor, he may not have reached that financial success at such a young age. Female doctors are available young women who are interested in dating a caring and thoughtful man. Here are some tips to help you if you are interested in dating a rich female doctor.

    1. Relax and Smile!

    If you want to date a rich female doctor you have to let her know you are interested. Your body language says a lot. Be friendly and let her know you are interested in her. She is not going to draw your blood! Under the white coat is a mature, successful and loving person.

    One thing's for sure, while money may not be a necessity for rich women to attain, they typically are going to look for someone who at least can stand on his own financially. Money isn't the key to her heart though.

    2. Do NOT do doctor jokes

    Men that tell silly "doctor" jokes to break the ice can turn off a doctor. First of all – she has heard them all. Secondly, they are not always funny. How would you feel if you heard a joke after joke about your profession? Reach deeper and have a real conversation.

    If you have a rash on your arm, keep it to yourself. This is a date night, not an after-hours house call. She gets paid for medical advice. If she was a seamstress would you ask her to tailor your suit?

    4. Expect interruptions

    Her patients come first. She will have emergencies. She will receive phone calls during dinner and there will be times she has to leave. If you cannot handle sharing your date and not having control over your time together, you are dating the wrong woman.

    5. Be attention but not controlling.

    She will have men flirt with her and some of them will be successful men who are looking for successful rich women. If you are going to date her, you will have to accept that fact. Pay her the attention she deserves and be attentive but if you are jealous and controlling the relationship will be doomed.

    You will not have the right to question her or demand her attention or time. Be respectful and treat her like a lady and behave like a gentleman.

    6. Don't expect her to always pay!

    No matter how much money she makes, she wants to feel like you are taking her out, not the other way around. In the beginning, you should pay for the date. If she suggests going "Dutch" that is fine. After you are dating seriously, you can discuss the paying and dating arrangement. Be clear and honest with her. If she likes to eat at a very expensive place, explain that you cannot afford that often.

    In general, dating a doctor is just like dating any other women. She wants respect and understanding and she wants to be treated like your date. She is not your doctor, business partner or mother. She is a woman. If you are a flexible, understanding man with good self-esteem, you will have no problems dating a female doctor.

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