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  • Pockets Already Full, My Heart Is Empty: Rich Women Looking For Men

    Posted Feb 16, 2016

    rich women looking for men

    When you hear the term 'gold digger', what do you see? I'm sure Hugh Hefner and his bunnies are a possible image. Maybe even a middle-aged CEO and a twenty-somethings woman just starting her career. Surely the average person doesn't think of a young man seeking the pockets of wealthy woman. Fear, not men, rich women are looking for men all the time.

    Rich women, what in the world are they looking for?

    So if you want to get a rich woman to date successfully, then need to keep the following tips in mind.

    One thing's for sure, while money may not be a necessity for rich women to attain, they typically are going to look for someone who at least can stand on his own financially. Money isn't the key to her heart though.

    Rich women are looking for men who can cater to their emotional needs. Someone who hears her dreams and roots for them. She's looking for a man who can stand with her and be both happy and proud of her accomplishments.

    Getting her attention is much less involved though. Rich women stand tall in their accomplishments and success. They no longer 'need' someone the way the average woman might. If you want her to notice you, be confident, smooth, charming, and sexy.

    So Where Do I Find Her?

    Network, network, network. Finding a rich woman requires you to know people in her circle. If not her friends, then you must be involved with her business partners or even friends with the family. If you are fortunate enough to be provided to the high life hang out spots, attend them frequently! However, be sure to dress the part.

    You're a wealthy woman, what are the pros of dating for you?

    It's a scary scene out there. As a rich woman, dating can be more of a headache than anything. Do they care about you? What if they treat me like an ATM? These are both really good questions and understandable concerns. While there should be some boundaries and careful allowance of your time, your money, and your personal space, you also hold all the cards!

    Dating gives you, the wealthy independent beautiful woman, the privilege of love and intimacy without the need to emotionally feed into someone's daily life. Remember, you don't need anyone to hold your hand, but how well does it feel on those lonely nights? You get the opportunity to spoil some with gifts while they get to spoil your heart with romance and adoration. Win, win.

    Most assuredly, rich women are out there looking for men, and romantic men are waiting to be loved by rich women. Take a chance and see what's out there. You never know, your heart and pocket may benefit in the long run!