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  • Dos And Don'ts Of Dating Rich Women

    Posted May 11, 2016

    date a rich woman

    Are you dating a woman who earns more than you? How do you will about the difference in your income status? Are you comfortable with it? There is nothing wrong with dating a girl who's richer than you unless you make it a big issue. Although sometimes it can be difficult to date rich women you feel like you have to keep up with her, as long as love is there in the relationship nothing can go wrong.

    It is the nature of every woman to be materialistic. Therefore, if you date a rich lady may probably expect that she will be demanding some materials things from you. But, if you are honest with her and that she understands that your income is not that big she won't demand anything from you. But, some men have difficulties dealing with it. If you want to know how to deal with it, continue reading below.

    Make Things Clear in the Beginning

    Although you are very much compatible with each other and the only thing that sets you apart is your income status, be sure to clear it out in the beginning. Be honest with her and tell her that you may not be able to give her luxurious items (if she's used to it) or other items that she may want to have. Tell her that you cannot give her lavish gifts. Women will always understand if they are accurately told things.

    Be Yourself

    A woman will always like you for who you are and so just be yourself. If you are not comfortable tagging along with her in her parties and formal events, tell her. She will understand and if it is very important for her that you come with her, support her. You can ask her for tips on what to do and what not to do if you are in a place where everything is classy and formal. She will be glad to help you out on how to carry yourself properly. When you date a rich woman, being true to what you are is essential.

    Give Her Gifts

    Women always want gifts but when you date rich women, you do not have to give her a signature bag or shoes if she's used to it. Instead, give her something unique. Find something that she's never had. Or, you can make her a gift to make it more personalized. Always bear in mind that it's always true that it's the thought that comes with the gift that counts.

    Do Not Be Insecure

    When you date rich women, it can be difficult at times but do not let it put you down and belittle yourself. Do not be insecure with the fact she is richer than you. Instead, make ends meet and compromise with each other. Some men who date rich women feel sorry for themselves for not being able to give her something expensive. Well, you should not because, in the beginning, the woman has already accepted you, therefore it is likely that she will not make any demands from you.

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