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  • What Are Rich Women Looking For In A Prospective Companion?

    Posted March 4th, 2016

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    Rich women are in a wonderful but tortured position. They don't get the thrill of being enticed by their suitors' financial displays of affection, however generous. For those looking for a meaningful relationship with rich women, here are some tips on how to attract them, and keep them close once you've caught their attention.


    You don't necessarily need to respond to every single thing she says when she talks, whether about our goals or concerns, but truly listen. How do you be sure you're listening well? Ask a question or as her to clarify what she means you don't understand. Ask questions that help her focus her discussion, to one concern, whether it be her mother, her health, her friend, etc.

    A Hobby

    It's so hot to watch a man obsessed with fixing up a car, aggressively playing hockey in a hopeless pond hockey league, or cursing at his iPad when his Words with Friends partner in Dubai makes a deft play against him. This hobby represents another challenging (and amusing) claim on your attention that is not threatening.

    A Retirement Account

    Either a Roth IRA or a 401(k) will do. Wealthy women want to know that you have been thinking about your future from a young age. Not only does that impress her with the assurance that she is not your free ticket to paradise, but it also demonstrates your sense of responsibility and foresight to invest in something beyond the here and now. Plus, in the unlikely event that her financial future is threatened, it gives her an added security

    A Job

    Yes, this is presupposed by the previous item. More than just financial security (and financial independence from the woman and her assents), this gives you something to wake up for and do every day other than focus on her and her needs, which would result in a potentially suffocating amount of attention.


    You need to challenge your wealthy partner in a couple of ways. If you disagree with something, from anything from professional athlete salaries to political issues, tell her so. Nodding approving to her every proclamation is going to be boring for her. Even if you agree, pose questions that illustrate that you've been paying attention, and are seriously interested in what she says. Give your partner some encouragement to cultivate whatever unique skill she has, whether it be teaching, painting, or cooking. For example, if she is a skilled singer, suggest that she volunteer in a church choir. Wealthy woman wants to know that you recognize and appreciate their unique abilities.

    Explicit Affirmation

    She wants affirmation of our attractiveness to you. Even if self-confidence is not lacking in a woman, she wants to know why she specifically captivating to you. Be vocal about what you like about your partner.

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