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  • Dating Tips for Single Men Who Want to Date Rich Women

    Posted June 13th, 2016

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    Despite your attempts at trying to find rich women to date, you may be ready to hang up the towel. What you may not realize is you forgot the most important element, attraction. For men looking for women, it's important to realize that a woman must be attracted to you because without it, there is nothing there. The attraction is much different than just friendship. She may not necessarily be attracted to you, but she does get along with you. These are two different elements of a relationship.

    If you are new to the dating game and understanding really how attraction plays a role in relationships, you will want to learn how to create an attraction she cannot deny. You will want to remember first that you can never make a woman become attracted to you; no amount of words can win her over.


    While this is important in a relationship, it doesn't equal attraction. You probably have heard the saying that Good Guys Finish Last, well that holds. No matter how kind you are to her, you cannot make her love you.


    The attraction is just an equation in math. When you bring together interest and a challenge you have an attraction. That irresistible urge that brings her towards you and keeps her pulling in is the attraction. This is not a thinking process; it's all in terms of emotion. You want to give her the emotions she needs to feel an attraction towards you, not words or arguments.

    If you are looking to attract rich women, you want to get her attention. Women are attracted to strong, independent men, those who speak their mind and have a bit of a bad boy side. This is the same for wealthy women. They are not interested in money, but they are more interested in having a good time and finding someone that wants to share that experience with them.


    To gain her interest and get her attracted, you have to take risks. Risks might not always be positive, but they will bring you one step closer to dating rich women. The higher the risk you take typically, the more interesting you and your story are to her. That's not saying put your life in danger because that's not a risk any woman is interested in.

    If you make yourself unattainable or act uninterested, you may find that this has an attraction affect towards her. She may begin to find you irresistible and that she needs you. Learn new ways to interact and create an attraction and irresistibility he cannot deny. Allow her to want you and feel like she cannot do anything without you in her life and then you will be able to date rich women.

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