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  • Top Tips on How to Impress a Rich Woman on Your First Date

    Posted Otc 17th, 2016

    Cougar Dating

    A rich woman is not easily impressed. This means that you have to get creative and do your best, to keep her happy and enthusiastic about your date. Cougar dating has become hype nowadays, and so you are perfectly justified for wanting to find yourself one of these gorgeous ladies out there. But how can you make a difference and stand out from the rest? What can make her stay and ask for more? Here are some tips that will come in handy on your first date. If you incorporate some of them during your time together, there will be a second date and many more to come…

    Be a Hunter

    Just because you are younger, it does not mean that the woman you are with does not want to feel special and desired. So you ought to play the same tricks as you would have with any other girl your age or even younger. In their essence, women want to be pursued, and they want to feel that they are a target.

    Be Honest

    Do not try to impress a cougar by telling lies. The chances are that the lies will be revealed and you will be left there all alone, wondering what went wrong. Rich women dating do not feel the need to get impressed by outrageous claims. They know better than that!

    Offer to Pay

    When you buy a woman dinner, it automatically shows that you have had a great time and look forward to a second date. Besides, buying a rich woman dinner is a matter of masculinity and adds prestige to your presence. You are not there for her money, anyway. So you should let her know.

    Be Confident

    Believe in yourself, as this is the number one quality that rich women dating are going to appreciate. You should stand on your feet and tell your opinion, even when the cougar in front of you does not agree. Speaking your mind goes a long way and acts as the perfect turn-on. Especially when your attitude remains the same in bed!

    Be Interested

    If you truly want to impress your cougar, ask her about her life. Do not be dull and do not avoid these questions. It is perfectly all right for a cougar to have a history, be it kids and a lousy ex-husband, etc. You should be prepared to listen to her standing in life, assuming that you truly want to see her again.

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