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  • Do Rich Women Love to Date Men with Less Money?

    Posted March 18, 2017

    rich women looking for poor menMany rich women – particularly the more attractive ones – can generally take their pick of the men. Their style, class and of course their money makes them an excellent prospect for the average man. However, many may wonder whether rich women love to date men with less money. Of course, this can vary based on the woman and her personal preferences but there are many rich women looking for poor men for a variety of reasons. Some poor men may think that all rich women are looking for men with a similar or greater level of wealth but this is often not the case – women are also looking for someone attractive and they don't mind that their financial status is.

    Some of the reasons why rich women like dating poorer men

    While not all rich women want to date poorer men, there are plenty of reasons why so many of them do. Some of the reasons why many rich women want to date a poor man include:

    • The feeling of power: In the past, it was typically men that were in more powerful positions but for a rich woman who dates a man with less money she can enjoy this feeling of financial power. For some women, having more money puts them in the driving seat which is why they prefer to date someone with far less money.
    • Taking care of a man: There are also rich women out there who like dating poor men because it allows them to take care of him. This includes being able to spoil their man and treat him to things and experiences he would otherwise never have access to. Many rich men like to spoil and pamper women and this works in just the same way.
    • Someone with time for them: Many rich men are businessmen that spend a lot of their time at work, in meetings, or traveling. A rich woman often wants a man who is not immersed in work all the time and has some time for her, and dating a poorer man is often the solution for them.
    • Staying power: Women can get paranoid about whether their man might run off with another woman one day but most poor men are unlikely to stray when they are with a rich woman. This is another thing that appeals to many wealthy women, as it gives them more security when it comes to the relationship.

    Finding a rich woman

    You may not usually mix in circles where you get to meet rich women on a day to day basis but there is an answer to this. Instead, you can use a rich woman dating site, where you will find many wealthy single women who are looking for a man with less money. This makes it easy and convenient to find the perfect woman with plenty of money and who is keen to date a poorer man.

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