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  • Rich Women are Looking for Older Men Today

    Posted Nov 7th, 2016

    rich women looking for older men

    When it comes to the world of dating, one thing that has become quite evident over recent years is that there are many women out there that are keen to date older men rather than go with someone their age or younger than themselves. This is also true of rich women and there are now many rich women looking for older men to date. So, just why are so many women – including wealthy and successful women – so eager to date an older man?

    Some key reasons why rich women are looking for older men

    Well, there are various reasons why rich women are keen to date older men these days. Many people may think that a rich woman, who most likely has her pick of the men thanks to her success, would go for someone younger and focus more on appearance. However, this is not necessarily the case, as several key factors can result in a rich woman opting for an older man. This includes:

    • Success levels: An older man is more likely to have had the time and opportunity to have made a success of his life, and this is one of the things that a rich woman may find attractive in an older man. For some rich women, finding someone as successful or wealthy is important as it means that they do not have to worry about whether a man is only with them for their money. It also means sharing financial input and support as well as more financial security.
    • Secure future: A rich man is more likely to be able to offer a rich woman a secure future. This is not just in terms of financial security, as this is something that a rich woman can provide for herself. This is stability and emotional security for the future, which is something that can be lacking when a rich man dating a younger man.
    • Life experience: One thing an older man has over and above younger men is a life experience, which is something that many women – rich women included –like to see. An older man tends to have experienced far more in his life than a younger counterpart, which can help to make a relationship far more interesting and can help to make two people more compatible.
    • Responsibility: Another thing that many older men have compared to younger men is a sense of responsibility. It is important for any woman with wealth and assets to have someone with a sensible head on their shoulders rather than someone who is simply eager to fritter money away.

    Studies have also shown that women – including rich women – tend to focus on whether a potential marriage partner can provide for them emotionally and offer the support that they need. This is something that women are far more likely to find in an older, experienced and more responsible man than with a younger man.

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