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  • Rich Women are Looking for Rich Men, Rich Men Prefer Slender Women

    Posted Sep 4th, 2016

    millionaire women looking for men

    It is often the case that millionaire women looking for men are looking for certain things and one of these is to find a rich man. . For wealthy women, finding a man who has plenty of money himself represents not only increased security but the reassurance that the man that they meet is not only after them for their money because they have plenty of their own. With this in mind, you will find that a lot of rich women looking for men will head to rich men dating sites so that they can find a partner who is also wealthy.

    However, when it comes to rich men, many have other qualities in mind rather than how much money a potential partner may or may not have. For many rich men, the key to a perfect woman is finding someone who is attractive, slender, and who they will be proud to show off at social functions. While this may seem a little shallow, there is no doubt that the needs and preferences of rich men compared to rich women can differ widely. Women tend to take a more common sense, business-like approach whereas rich men want the best things in life including slender, pretty women.

    Being able to afford the best

    Both rich men and rich women know that they can afford the best, not just in terms of assets like houses, cars, and jewelry but also when it comes to partners. However, the definition of 'best' differs between the two genders and for many women, it means finding a man who has plenty of his own money while for men it means finding a woman that they can spoil and who will look good on their arm.

    Recent studies were carried out showing that 80 percent of men preferred to find a partner with a slender, attractive body compared to just 58 percent of women. On the other hand, 46 percent of women wanted to find a man who made at least as much cash as they did compare to just 24 percent of men.

    These figures clearly show that the key attraction factor between the two genders is by and large very different, with men focusing on aesthetic appeal when it comes to a partner and women focusing on the security and financial side of things.

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