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  • Why Are So Many Rich Women Still Single?

    Posted July 9th, 2017

    rich single women

    Rich single women have it all. They have the money, flexibility, and access needed to live life to the fullest. The one thing many of them report mission, a partner to join them in life's exciting journey. Women across the spectrum often have difficulty finding "the one" these days, but the barriers for wealthy women are higher and often harder to overcome.

    Rich women have high expectations. Rich single women became millionaires (or billionaires) by not settling. It is in their nature to push for perfection. High achievers often surround them. Whether it's their colleagues or their staff, everyone in their presence daily is a high performance. This often translates over to their personal lives. They have little patience for men who are not just as ambitious and competent.

    Rich men are often intimidated by rich women. Rich men are used to being the center of attention and don't care for sharing the spotlight. It would seem those wealthy men and wealthy women would have a great deal in common, but in reality, wealthy men can often be put off by the assertiveness that women display. Rich men can feel in competition with rich women, and this often puts a damper on the romance.

    Men are often insecure when their partners make more than them. Sometimes, when wealthy women date men who make less than them or are less successful, issues of competition and insecurity can arise. Even though we have progressed past traditional gender roles in relationships, many of us grew up with traditional gender roles and have an unconscious expectation that our relationship will reflect that traditional pattern. Men have a hard time not taking on the role of "breadwinner" and often lose themselves in the process or become resentful. For a woman that has high expectations, ambivalence and resentment are not attractive.

    Rich women live fast-paced lives. To date a rich woman, you have to have a lot of energy and the ability to move quickly. Rich single women are often heavily involved in business ventures and community, which means they are always on the run to events, meetings, and social gatherings. It can be hard for men to keep up with that kind of pace and always been on point. It can also be hard for men to feel that have to cater to their girlfriend's or wife's social calendar versus their own.

    Many of these reasons are indeed challenges, but they are not possible to overcome. If a rich woman has made finding a partner a priority, knowing the pitfalls can help find someone to have a successful relationship with. Rich women are determined and at the end of the day, with a little effort, often get what they want.

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