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  • Best Cities to Find Single Rich Women

    Posted 11th Sep, 2018

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    There are many reasons why a man would like to date a single rich woman. Just for the records, we are neither talking about younger men looking for rich older women nor are we talking about men gold diggers. Never mind that the society, in general, might tend to think any man looking for a single rich woman is a gold digger. Enough said about society and its' never-ending perceptions. We are talking about cities where men in general can focus their attention as they seek normal dating with rich women irrespective of age race or any other demographic characteristic.

    So, you are determined to find and date a rich single woman but are not so sure which cities present the best opportunities. The cities highlighted here to have a few vital characteristics that they share in common: the percentage of single women is relatively higher than in other cities in the US, the ratio of single men to single women is significantly low and there are higher percentages of women earning six-digit incomes per year. These are the factors considered in determining the best cities to focus on in your dating expeditions. So, here we go.

    Los Angeles

    This is the most populous city in California. Women here make an average of over $52,000 annually. The interesting fact about this city is that the ratio of single men to single women is almost 1:1. Remember, such a large selection of rich single women increases the probability of getting one of them to be your date.

    Hartford, Connecticut

    This is a city worth considering for any man out there searching for a rich single lady to date. The percentage of single women here is about 20% while the ration of these women to single men is about 1 to 6. A considerably high number of women earn more than $100,000 per year. This surely a rich hunting ground for men looking for wealthy single women.

    Baltimore, MD

    This city has one of the highest ratios of single women to single women. Among these many single women, you'll find well over 7% of them earning more than $100K per year. This makes this city an excellent hunting ground for single rich women.

    Philadelphia, PA

    Though it's informally referred to as the City of Brotherly love, Philadelphia is still home to an encouraging number of single rich women. Why? Because single ladies here account for more than a fifth of the city's population and their average earnings per year indicate there's quite a high number of rich single ladies here.

    Boston, MA

    Take a dating trip to Boston, MA and you won't be disappointed with what you find here. This City boasts of more than 21% of its population to be women. The ratio of single women to single guys is about 1: 1.2. This means on average single women are slightly more than the number of single men. Now, out of these single women, a significant chunk of about 7.6 % earn more than $100, 000 dollars in a year. That's enough money to call someone a rich person. Incidentally, the population of Boston comprises largely of people under the age of 45 this makes it a great hunting ground for anyone looking for a rich, young single woman.

    Washington, DC

    Other than the prominent landmarks, museums, and monuments Washington DC is home to a generous number of rich single women. Think of it this way, well over 19% of the residents of this city are single women and 12% of them harvest over our minimum threshold for anyone to be considered rich. The ration of single women to single men is quite high. What else would you want from a city if you are looking for a rich single woman?

    Baltimore, MD

    This city has one of the highest ratios of single women to single men in the US. Approximately 7.2% of these women earn over $100K per year. So when you go out scouting for rich women without dates or wedding rings this might as well be one of your best destinations.

    New York City

    This city has a population of 8.6 million people. Among this 21.3% or around 8.3 million are single women. But singleness is just one of the considerations in your mind. Most importantly you need a single rich woman. With over 8.5% of the single women earning over $100,000, we can confidently say that New York City is teeming with wealthy single ladies.

    As you look for your wealthy single lady bear in mind that other traits that are equally important. Consider her values, goals, temperament, her personality and anything else you consider worthy of your attention. Try your charm in any of these cities and chances are you'll finally land on the rich single date you've always yearned for.