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  • How to Become an Online Romeo

    Posted Sep 24th, 2017

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    Let's face it, as opposed to the popular belief, online dating can be pretty hard.

    Think about it: The competition is numerous and fierce; potential partners are capable of rejecting your entire profile with a single swipe of their finger and let's not even mention the catfishing.

    Yes, online dating is hard, and it's even harder when it comes to dating rich women.

    When it comes to dating rich women, the challenges multiply and you need to bring your A game if you want to have a shot.

    Lucky for you, we've compiled a short list of tips to turn you into an online Romeo.

    Let's get started!

    Take A Look at Yourself

    First things first, you need to know your weaknesses and your strengths.

    Take a long, hard look at yourself and identify the things you're good at and the things you need to work in.

    Dating rich women require you to improve yourself and to do so, you need to identify your rough edges so you can polish them.

    Advertise Yourself Wisely

    Bathroom selfies showing off your hot bod are good and all when it comes to regular online dating but not when it comes to dating rich women.

    Save some money, pay for a couple of professional or semi-professional shots and use those instead.

    Wear nice clothes, get a good haircut and make yourself look so good that rich women are willing to consider you at first glance.

    Check Your Messages

    Some rich women have very little free time, some have plenty but none of them enjoy having to wait days to hear from you.

    You don't have to be online 24/7, but do try to check your messages at least once a day.

    Don't Stalk!

    If there's something worse than not answering your messages, it's bombarding someone with your attention.

    Sure, it feels good to know other people are interested in you, but sending the message after message isn't the way to go. It reeks of desperation and no one likes that.

    Feel free to insist here and there if the person you're chatting with hasn't responded, but learn to read between lines. If she hasn't answered your previous three messages, chances are she doesn't want to hear from you.

    Move on graciously.

    Be Confident

    This goes without saying, but you want to appear confident whenever someone talks to you.

    Now, don't get us wrong. A lot of people mistake being confident for being a jerk, a show-off or carrying out the entire conversation. Three things that don't attract women, never mind rich women.

    What will impress them, however, is positively talking about yourself, while still recognizing some of your failures, or talking about your life without negatively comparing it to theirs.

    Present yourself in a way that shows that you're interested in them, but rejection won't mean a big deal if it happens.

    Don't Lie!

    Embellishing is one thing, lying is another one.

    If you're interested in dating rich women, it may be tempting to lie to make yourself look attractive but rich women can spot dishonesty a mile away.

    Be Charming

    Flirting and compliments are a must, just don't lay it on too thick.

    It's okay to want to make a woman feel special, but calling her a goddess from the get-go is a little weird.

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