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  • The Real Reason Rich Women Haven't Been Finding the Man They Want - Until Now.

    Posted Sep 17th, 2019

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    Rich women don't need to seek nor waste their energies pursuing men of affluence in modern times. Well-off women are ladies who have established their financial statuses - and associating lifestyles - via a wide variety of pathways and circumstances. But women of this caliber are duly united in one pivotal key element; economic security.

    Long gone are the days when men were a woman's only glittering carriage of transport to the fairytale worlds of financial stability. Nowadays, it is increasingly a playing field leveled by women. This doesn't mean to say a minority of women are still bounty hunting - but absent now is the necessity. Women can freely gain their own luxury means to support themselves and lifestyles that match - and they know it.

    With this modern empowerment movement in mind - why has it been proving challenging for rich women to secure the man they want? Where is the hold up in finding the man they desire? An elite woman may be fortunate enough to have established everything she needs in her life materially. So why not the man she desires also?

    In an age of cheaply created 'kiss-me-quick' apps it can be difficult for a woman of higher standards - and indeed tastes - to find the man she has in mind. A woman of this caliber is not looking for a man who brings wealth or opulence to her daily life, for she holds those gifts already. These are assets that she established for herself, long before any potential gentleman suitor walked through her doorway. Indeed, the selective female elite is searching for the man they want.

    Herein, could this be the spinal issue? Could it be that the woman who has everything seeks what she wants, rather than what she needs?

    It is human nature to favor our desires when choosing for ourselves. Sometimes, those choices may not be the right ones for our longer-term futures. Perhaps we take that extra dessert or dial the number of someones we know she shouldn't. For rich women, this could mean she is looking in the wrong places and for the wrong types in her search for her ideal gentleman. The man in her mind may be the wrong one for her life, and therefore her all-important heart.

    Rich women are tiresome of the high powered egos that pursue them for what they are rather than who they are. They are bored with the men who give them what they think they'll want, rather than what they truly long for. Women of this kind won't be empowered and appreciated. They need their partner to bring a level of authenticity to the player's table that will match the standards of care they're accustomed to. This is what women of luxury today are looking for but may not have been finding in a world of rapid assumption.

    They say money can't buy love, and indeed this is statement holds truth. But money certainly can buy the opportunities to find it, which is exactly where things are changing for women of affluence. More and more elite women are looking to bespoke, millionaire dating sites and similar online support to find the man they need. They are using tools intelligently to seek the authenticity that men they've met in the past have lacked.

    Here's the solution to the problem - listening.

    Listening to what a woman wants, and specifically, what a rich woman wants. Listening to what she needs and sees for her future.

    Do you feel you could listen to a woman's needs, truly? Could you sit with an elite woman and hear her for who she really is amongst the anecdotes she might share with you? Her ideal gentleman holds the ability to do so.

    Rich women differ in their desires, tastes, wants and needs. No two are alike. The sooner a potential suitor for a woman of affluence can demonstrate an understanding of this concept, the sooner she may find the man she seeks.

    The man she truly needs, beyond her imagination.